Although our current social assistance programs do positively affect the citizens who need them, these systems are much more suited for the challenges of the 20th century. The transformative automation of current industries, rise of new industry and the unfortunate possibility of large-scale loss of employment, are just the beginnings of what may be to come. We as British Columbians, fellow citizens, have little choice but to face such social responsibilities in the wake of an ever-changing world. To properly prepare ourselves for what our society envisions as its own future, we must first have in place the appropriate infrastructure to meet unforeseen challenges that even our societies greatest minds cannot anticipate. The BC Progressive Party (ProBC) is focused on reforming the more functional systems for social assistance as well as constructing new methods to accompany the societal undertakings of this century. The 21st century has already posed several challenges to the citizens and government of British Columbia, the whole of Canada, and indeed the world itself and pertinent social programs must be tailored to the demands of this century.

Social Assistance