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The BC Progressive Party is building an organization of everyday British Columbians who want Progress within the province. ProBC looks for likeminded citizens who have the passion and determination to take action against government and economic mismanagement. Citizens who propose and endorse rational and socially beneficial legislation put forward in the Legislative Assembly. But in order for the average citizen to have a true voice in BC, one loud enough for both the provincial government and private sector to hear, we must organize with collective ideas and values. The BC Progressive Party is that voice.


ProBC is a voice for the working people of British Columbia with a strategy to introduce Universal Basic Income. A voice for the homeless living on the streets as well as those citizens on the verge of losing their homes and livelihood. A voice for the youth who expect better education and a steady, stable transition into the workforce of the province. A voice for the citizens of British Columbia as a whole with the demand to change the Campaign Finance laws, forcing out private interests and corporations while limiting the amount any one individual can donate.


The BC Progressive Party cannot alone make Progress happen for British Columbians, rather it can ensure Progress will happen only when British Columbians themselves act in its pursuit.

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