According to BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, British Columbia (BC) is one of the most impoverished areas within Canada. Statistics Canada uses the Low Income Cut-Off – After Tax. It shows BC has a large amount of Canadians living in poverty, which is about 469,000 or 1 in every 10 people.


It is a very high number for a successful and wealthy province. As well, it remains a great embarrassment for the citizens of BC. That is, it is a shame of the current provincial government. The current government knows the number of poor fellow citizens. Nonetheless, they are not improving provincial social services for low-income individuals and families.


This is an injustice. Our province has one of the highest living wages in Canada. The low end of the living wage range is around $15 to $16 an hour in interior BC cities and towns. At the high end, living wage has risen as high as $20 an hour.


These numbers include Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, and Revelstoke. BC has the lost living wage in Canada at $10.45 an hour as well. Granted, this is mandated to become $11.25 an hour by September of 2017.


BC government has zero plans for poverty reduction. Each province and territory developed an official plan for general poverty reduction. If not developed, it is in progress for them.


The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives found an overall poverty cost to the BC government of $8.1 to $9.2 billion. Whereas, a poverty reduction plan would cost  $3 and $4 billion.

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